Behind The Scenes of the Peanut Butter CCB Creation

Many of you have asked how we decided on Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Brownies as the next item on our menu. The inspiration began with my dad and my brother who are HUGE peanut butter fans. When Stu doesn't have time to for lunch, you can often find him snacking on some peanut butter straight from the jar. These guys wanted some peanut butter desserts. So PB CCBs it was!

Shea & Stu love peanut butter!


My mom and I had some ideas on how to work some peanut butter into the famous Cream Cheese Brownies and began testing. We tried two recipes with two of my younger cousins from NYC who had come to visit us in Atlanta for the weekend. They love to bake, they had some great ideas, and we had a ton of fun hanging in the kitchen together.  

My cousin Talia mixing up our secret ingredients

My cousin Arielle measuring some flour

Having a little fun after the brownies were put into the oven...tasting the batter is the best part of baking, after all


I was optimistic that we'd get the PB CCB just right on the first try. While each recipe tasted great, we all agreed that they could be even better and needed even more peanut butter. I turned to the experts - my mom and godmother AKA the original creators of The Dessert Place - to get their professional opinions on what we could improve. We brainstormed for several days together...

My mom and godmother had some great ideas on how to perfect the new PB CCB!

The Dessert Place - Marisa Meddin Bennett Frish and Sheryl Meddin 

Everyone is familiar with chocolate chips, but did you know that peanut butter chips existed? YUM! 

peanut butter chips

The inclusion of this creamy peanut butter in addition to the chips ensures that you get peanut butter notes in every single bite

the dessert place peanut butter cream cheese brownie 


After several more renditions and comparing variations with our expert taste testers, we created the most perfect, peanut buttery, chocolatey Cream Cheese Brownie. To document this glorious creation, we had to photograph the beautiful brownies for the world to see. 

Ever wonder how photographers get that pretty, white background?



So there you have it! We're pleased to officially introduce the Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Brownie. THE most perfect creation for all of the peanut butter lovers out there. Give 'em a try today! Or send them to your peanut butter loving friends anywhere in the country :) 

The lighter chunks you see in the base of the brownie are NOT peanuts...they're our mouth watering, rich peanut butter chips!

the dessert place peanut butter cream cheese brownie gourmet gift




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