Father's Day Edition: Stu shares

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

This post is dedicated to my dad. Stu has had such an influence on my understanding of the business world, and is a large reason why I chose this path of entrepreneurship. From a young age, my dad and I would chat about all things business, and I continue to learn all that I can from his experiences and creative ways of thinking. While I never had a chance to know his dad (my grandfather), I hear that he was also a kind, savvy businessman. I do my best to take after these two smart men :)

Stu has also taught me everything I know when it comes to boating and water activities, fixing things around the house/knowing my way around a toolbox, playing sports, tequila & so much more. So on this holiday, here are some words of wisdom from Stu on fatherhood:

Q: What's your favorite part about being a dad?

A: Having two fabulous children that I enjoy being with.


Q: What's the hardest part about being a dad?

A: Having two children.


Q: Can you share a favorite memory that you had with your dad?

A: we took many road trips together to visit his family that lived in Savannah. Having the personal time with him alone in the car was always special.


Q: What was one thing that you learned from your dad that you still think about in your life today?

A: Having respect for others and concern for their well being. It has been a guiding influence in how I deal with others both personally and in business.


Q: I was a baby when your dad passed away so I never had the chance to know him. Do we share any qualities?

A: the kindness and caring that you show for family and friends, your even temper and patience, and his peculiar habit of stashing extra cash away in hiding places in his room.


Q: Do you have a favorite memory spending time with me and Shea at The Dessert Place restaurants when we were kids?

A: Weekend mornings going back into the kitchen with you and having an assortment of fresh baked goodies to eat.


Q: Looking back on all of the years, what's the most special memory that you have with me?

A: I’m still waiting for it. My second favorite is the time spent sailing with you, especially when you purposely capsized our boat.



Q: Do you have a favorite memory with Shea that stands out as well?

A: It always seem to get superseded by something new, but watching him become a father may stay around for a while.

Q: What's your favorite part of Father's Day?

A: Spending time with you and Shea and now adding Christina and Hudson to the mix.


Q: What's your favorite thing (so far) about being a grandfather?

A: Seeing the smile on Hudson’s face when I play with him.

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