Interview with Christina Meddin: My Sister-In-Law, and Frequenter of The Dessert Place as a Kid

While Christina officially became a Meddin in 2012 when she married my brother, Shea, she has felt like a part of our family for over a decade. Shea and Christina became best friends during their freshman year of high school at Paideia. While the two did not start dating until their Junior year of college, Chris and Shea could often be found spending time at one another's house in their teenage years. I was lucky to spend time with Christina as well through our time together on the Paideia basketball team, in which we spent countless hours together at practices, bus rides, team meals and just hanging out before or after games. 

If you ask anyone who knew Shea & Chris in high school, they will tell you that Shea has been in love with Christina since he was (at least) fourteen years old...we're just so happy that he made it out of the best friend zone and into the "love of Christina's life" zone. And I'm thankful to have known Chris as a friend in our younger years, which has made the transition to sisters even more special. 

Many of our family friends used to visit The Dessert Place back in the day before they knew any of us personally, and Christina was no exception. Chris and the rest of the Forte family used to go to The Dessert Place often, as the restaurant in Virginia Highland was on the way home from their elementary school. Little did Christina know at the time that the owner of the restaurant was her future mother-in-law, and that she probably stood next to her future husband on many occasions while waiting in line for her afternoon dessert. 

In more recent news, our Cream Cheese Brownies just might have been the final factor that sent Christina into labor when she and Shea had their first child just over one month ago. Pregnant ladies: a CCB may be just the thing to eat if you're ready to have your baby [not guaranteed :)].

Read on below for more of Christina's memories from The Dessert Place, past and present:

Christina Meddin and Marisa Meddin The Dessert Place


Q: What is your earliest memory of The Dessert Place?

A: My brother Michael and I used to beg our parents to stop by TDP on our way home from elementary school, since we drove by it everyday.  We went pretty often between 1993 and 1996!  I also remember my parents sharing memories of going to TDP for date nights before we were born. 


Q: Did you have any connection to our family when you used to go to The Dessert Place as a kid?

A: None at all!  I'm sure we saw the Meddin family, but I have no recollection.


Q: What was your favorite item to get at TDP back in the day?

A: Always the cream cheese brownie with vanilla ice cream! I also loved the carrot cake, which was a close second.  


Q: What age did you meet my brother?

A: We met in junior high at Paideia.  No, we have not been dating for that long :) 


Q: Do you remember when you found out that he was connected to TDP? What was your reaction?

A: I think I found out at some point in high school. I couldn't believe we had never met there before, and I (along with my parents) asked what we had to do to get some CCBs!


Q: You and Shea recently had a [very, very adorable] baby boy, Hudson. Did you eat CCBs during your pregnancy?

A: I ate way more than I would like to admit! The return of the dessert place plus pregnancy in the same year is a dangerous combination.


Q: Can you tell the fans what you were eating when you suddenly went into labor on New Years Eve? And anything else you'd like to share about this eventful evening....?

A: We brought CCBs to a New Year's Eve dinner party that Shea and I attended. I ate one at 10:30 PM and went into labor at 11 PM. I think Hudson was ready to eat some of his own!  I also showed up to the ER in a kangaroo onesie, but that's a story for another day...
Q: Lastly, what's your favorite way to eat a Cream Cheese Brownie?

A: I don't discriminate, but I do love the vanilla ice cream cake with pieces of CCBs that we ate on your birthday last week! 


Q: Anything else you'd like to share?

A: I'm hoping that marrying into the Meddin family gives me access to the CCB recipe at some point ;) 



I accidentally made Chris cry while giving her a hug before she walked down the aisle with my brother:

Christina Meddin Marisa Meddin The Dessert Place


Christina's whole family has become like family to me as well! We spend many holidays all together...the photo below was taken this past Mother's Day (which happened to double as Shea's 30th birthday):

Meddin and Forte Families The Dessert Place


The very first moment that I met my nephew, Hudson (Shea and Christina's first child)...obviously, there were tears of joy:


I'm teaching Hudson to love brownies very early in his life: 

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