Interview with Clare Habif - Fan of The Dessert Place Since Opening Night in 1979

My favorite part of bringing back The Dessert Place has been hearing stories from fans of the original restaurants. While I have childhood memories of hanging in The Dessert Place kitchen on occasional afternoons and skipping long lines in early evenings, I'm learning that it was the late night nature of The Dessert Place that people reminisce about the most (as you'll learn below from Clare, who loved every minute of hanging out at TDP until 2 am).

Clare and her husband Robert are now longtime family friends - and they owe it all to The Dessert Place. Robert signed on as the accountant for The Dessert Place, and Clare met my parents at the opening party for the very first DP restaurant. The couple became fast friends with my parents - even raising kids right around the same age as me and my brother - and still continue to enjoy each other's company.  I loved hearing Clare's excitement when she first found out that I brought the beloved Dessert Place back!

Find out below from Clare why "To this day, there is no other place like The Dessert Place."


Q: How did you first hear about The Dessert Place?
A: I first heard about it when my husband, Robert, was hired by The Dessert Place to do their accounting.
Q: I heard that you first met my parents at the opening party of the very first Dessert Place...can you tell me the story?
A: It was at the VaHi store where I met your parents at their opening was a madhouse!!!    All those people crammed into the store and it was so loud, but Robert managed to get your parent's attention and introduce us.
Q: So if it weren't for The Dessert Place, you might not be friends with my parents today?
A:That is correct.....but maybe your dad might have used Robert as his accountant and we would have met that way.
Q: Which of the four Dessert Place locations did you frequent most?
A: VaHi location was really special because we used to hang out and help on Saturday nights when the DP first opened.   We would get behind the counter and help clean the trays while Chris Cross played "Sailing" on whatever music method they used back in the day (probably a Victrola :) ).     We would hang out till 2 in the morning and loved every minute of it!    Since the DP was not open on Sunday and Monday we would get to take home many of the leftover desserts because they would not keep until Monday.   Everything had to be fresh fresh fresh.
Q: In your opinion, what made The Dessert Place restaurants so special?
A: It was one of a kind.    To this day, there is no other place like the DP....and I don't think there ever will be.   The line went around the building.
Q: What time of day did you usually visit The Dessert Place? Did you go for specific occasions?
A: We were usually there on Saturday nights.
Q: Do you have any favorite memories from your time spent at The Dessert Place?
A: Again, I think it was hanging out behind the counter and wiping trays.....just hanging out there was so much fun. 
Q: What was your favorite item from The Dessert Place back in the day?
A: Poppy seed cake, brownies, lemon pound cake, thumbprint cookies, coffee cake......but the best of all was the Derby Pie.
Q: Anything else you'd like to share?
A: So glad that you are bringing back the brownies and hope that it leads to adding other items to your business.   I wish you the best of luck and I know you will do can you miss with such a great product that no one else can duplicate.

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