Interview with Shea Meddin - My Older Brother, and The Reason The Dessert Place Closed?!


Shea Meddin and Marisa Meddin - The Dessert Place



Next up on the blog...introducing my older brother, Shea! 

Shea and I spent quite a bit of time at The Dessert Place as kids. We would often hang out with our mom and godmother while they worked in their office at the Buckhead location [read: we were probably bothering them so they couldn't get any work done at all]. We would assist very patient employees in the Buckhead kitchen while we "helped" ice the cakes or make cookie dough [we probably slowed down their work day while they let us taste different batters]. And, perhaps our favorite part of being the children of the owner, we would cut to the very front of the long lines at night to get a free dessert of our choice in the Virginia Highland location after dinner [a pretty awesome VIP experience as a kid]. 

When we talk about The Dessert Place closing many years ago, Shea and I have hazy memories. We knew we were certainly a big reason why our mom decided to end her days managing TDP. It was a lot of work to run multiple restaurants, and like any working mother, she was torn between her business and spending time with us. Spoiler alert: she chose us (sorry to all of you fans for the last 20 years...I'm doing my best to make it up to you now). As Shea will tell you below, he felt like we were to blame for the closing of The Dessert Place restaurants - and he wasn't wrong. However, in my memory, instead of being thankful that our mom chose to spend more time with us, we were both upset that we no longer had access to our beloved playground of sweets. We definitely had our priorities straight as kids (sorry, Mom).

Read on for a look into the original Dessert Place days through Shea's eyes...



Q: We used to visit mom at The Dessert Place often as kids...what was your favorite part of visiting the kitchen at the Buckhead location?
A: Nothing beat licking the cream cheese icing out of the enormous mixers. I'm pretty sure they were cleaned afterwards, so no worries there customers! 
Q: We also used to frequent the Virginia Highland location many nights...what do you remember most about stopping into the restaurant there?
A: I was always most concerned with how many desserts i could eat (surprised?) before I got yelled at by mom (or another employee). I also remember playing hide and seek throughout the property and doing anything we could to entertain ourselves while mom worked.
Q: What was/were your very favorite dessert(s) from the restaurant growing up? 
A: Aside from CCB's (of course), I think I averaged at least 1 PUFFIN a day and that Chocolate Chocolate cake.
Q: Do you remember your reaction when you found out mom and Bennett decided to close The Dessert Place?
A: I remember thinking it was my fault that she didn't have time for both TDP and me.
Q: Before the recent return of the brand, did people ever ask you about TDP when they realized your family association?
A: Occasionally people would ask me about it and talk about all their "favorite moments" but what is even crazier is when people just happen to be talking generally about their memories of TDP not knowing that Mom founded it. It is pretty cool/crazy to think about all the people we know now, that we didn't know then, that used to eat and hang out there. If only we had a video camera/footage from those days......
Q: What was your first thought/reaction when I told you I was thinking about quitting my corporate job to bring The Dessert Place back?
A: Aside from being happy that you were coming back to ATL, I was all for it! Nothing better than creating the work/life balance that you want and enjoying what you do!
Q: What's your favorite way to eat a Cream Cheese Brownie?
A: With Vanilla Haagen-Dazs ice cream!
Q: Anything else you'd like to share?
A: When are the Peanut Butter brownies coming out?!?!

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