Interview With Stacy Lewis - My High School Teacher & Dessert Place Supporter

Stacy was a history teacher at my high school (Paideia) and was one of my favorite teachers that I've ever had...although I never told this to him before because he once accidentally called me by my older brother's name in class and I liked to give him a hard time about it. Looking back, Stacy taught all of us more than just history facts. He mixed in important life lessons and business advice into his classes, and most importantly, he had a good time while doing so. I've never been a lover of history, but I was lucky to have had Stacy as a teacher. 

In all of the years that I knew Stacy, somehow The Dessert Place never came up in conversation. After re-launching this business, however, Stacy was so supportive of my new endeavor and made it known that The Dessert Place was one of his favorite date spots as a college kid. I had to learn more about this. Read on below to find out why The Dessert Place was special to Stacy!


Q: What years did you used to visit The Dessert Place?
A: 1989-1996.  I left the city in 94' but stopped in every time I visited the city while I was away. 
Q: Which of the four locations did you frequent most often?
A: Virginia Highlands
Q: Did you know anyone in my family at the time?
A: No
Q: Can you tell the readers how you (now) know me?
A: I had the great pleasure of teaching you when you were in high school.
Q: I give you permission to lie...I was your favorite student, right?
A: Of course you were. :)
Q: Okay back to the important things...what did you enjoy most about The Dessert Place? What made it special?
A: The ambiance.  It always was such a comfortable, warm setting- it was a very easy place to have a conversation, get a great dessert and excellent cup of coffee.  The deserts were consistently wonderful. I would take dates there because it was such a great place to have a conversation.  Also, as a college student, I could only afford to buy dessert, so it was one of my only options :)
Q: What time of day did you usually visit the restaurant? Did you go for specific occasions?
A: Dates on afternoons on weekends if I remember correctly.  I also would go there with my god father and sit and listen for hours while he dropped serious jewels of wisdom. 
Q: Do you have any favorite memories from your time spent at The Dessert Place?
A: Yes.  My God-father, Marion Allen, was a native son of Atlanta.  One of his favorite activities was eating pork chops with grits at Atkins Park and then heading over to the Dessert Place for a slice of chocolate or banana cake.  I learned a great deal sitting across the table from that man in the desert place over the years.  I hope to one day build similar memories with my children over a slice of Kentucky Pie, Coconut Cake, or Key Lime Pie.
Q: What was your favorite item from The Dessert Place back in the day?
A: Tough question.  I remember a few fondly: Key Lime Pie, Coconut Cake, Cream Cheese Brownies and that Kentucky Pie was something serious!!!  
Q: Anything else you'd like to share?
A: Your mother and her business partner put together one hell of a business.  It existed during a golden age for desert lovers in Atlanta with The Dessert Place, Daileys Restaurant, Micks Restaurant and others.  Of all these places, The Dessert Place was my favorite place to get desert.  I am so excited that  you have decided to build upon that legacy. 

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