Mother's Day Edition: Sheryl Meddin (AKA my mom) on the Best Parts of Being a Mom and Grandmother

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
For those of you who have been following along with The Dessert Place since its (re)inception, you know that my mom has been an integral part of its success.
Most obviously, she led the way by having the guts to start FOUR Dessert Place restaurants with one of her best friends in the 80s and 90s. They created an awesome place with delicious desserts, and a special ambiance where people wanted to hang out late into the night. All of these years later, fans still remembered The Dessert Place and have been so excited that the brand is back. 
But more importantly, my mom has selflessly dedicated so much of her time over the past year helping me to get the business off the ground. She spent months training me how to master the art of the Cream Cheese Brownie (not an easy feat). She jumped right back into the kitchen to help me bake for all of our awesome customers. She's helped me put together packages when we were so busy around the holidays. And she has listened to all of my business ideas, serving as a sounding board when I need opinions. I truly couldn't have done it all without her support.
So...this Mother's Day, I went straight to the source to find out what being a mom is really about!
Celebrating Mom's 60th birthday on top of Machu Picchu
Q: What's the best part about being a mom?
A: Knowing that both of my children have grown to be kind, smart and compassionate people. It's a joy to watch you both navigate the world, even through the tough parts! I love the young adults you both have become! 
Q: What's the hardest part about being a mom?
A: it's a 24/7 job even when kids are grown. Sometimes I get tired! 

Q: Can you share a favorite memory you have with your mom?
A: for many years I played in the member guest ladies golf tournament with my mom. Though we never won a thing we always enjoyed that time riding in the cart, laughing (or crying) at our bad shots and enjoying each other's company. It was always a special time together. 
Eating Cream Cheese Brownies with my mom and grandmother
Q: It's been almost a year since I re-started The Dessert Place. What has it been like (from a mom perspective) to watch me bring your brand back to life?
A: Exciting, exhausting and scary at times. I am so proud of how proud you are of me and my accomplishments. You had no you have an inkling! I can't wait to see how it all evolves! 
In the kitchen baking together
Q: Looking back on all of the years, what's the most special memory you have with me?
A: I think one of the most special times with you was a ski trip we took to Utah together when you were in college. We spent 3 or 4 days together, skiing in the absolute coldest conditions I have ever skied in (which I never would have done otherwise). At the end of each day we hung out together watching Grey's Anatomy for hours on end and I just loved it. I was so happy you wanted to take a trip with me! 
Q: Do you have a special memory with Shea that stands out as well?
A: I remember the day he learned to ride a two wheeler. He wasn't even 3 years old and he was so determined. I couldn't believe he did it- right up there in the parking lot of the Ponce Apartments. We were all so excited at his accomplishment! 
Sheryl was busy running a four restaurants while still being an awesome mom
Q: What's your favorite part of Mother's Day?
A:  Being with my family. Nothing else needed. 
Our little family of four back in the day

Q: What's the most memorable Mother's Day that you can remember?
A: Shea was born on Friday, May 9th (1986). Mother's Day was Sunday May 11. It was my very first Mother's Day and I will never forget how excited I was (even while recovering from a C section) to be celebrated as a mom for the very first time. 
Q: What's your favorite thing (so far) about being a grandmother? 
A: "They" say that you don't know how good of a parent you were to your kids until you see how your kids raise their kids. I've only been a grandmother for a little over 4 months (but who's counting), but watching Shea be such an incredible father to Hudson makes me think we did something right. I know there will be wonderful times ahead with Hudson but so far it has been a joy to watch Shea and Christina fall in love with this beautiful bundle of joy. (Grandmothers are allowed to be sappy!)  
Sheryl loves her grandson, Hudson (as do we all)

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