About Us



The First Generation


The Dessert Place was originally founded in Atlanta in 1979 by best friends and "partners in crime," Sheryl Meddin and Bennett Frisch. These two 20-somethings often found themselves out on the town looking for a place to hang out and eat dessert. After getting scoffed at for ordering just coffee and sweets at traditional sit-down restaurants, the two decided to cook up their own business...and the concept of The Dessert Place was born.


Sheryl Meddin and Bennett Frisch baking Cream Cheese Brownies in 1980
Sheryl & Bennett baking Cream Cheese Brownies back in (1980)

Sheryl Meddin and Bennett Frisch in their first year of business at The Dessert Place in 1980

Sheryl & Bennett together in their first year of business (1980)


Sheryl and Bennett (just 25 and 27 years old at the time) admitted they "had no idea what they were really getting into" when they opened up their first bakery/dessert-only restaurant. But, with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, their business became an instant hit with customers. The Dessert Place was an iconic staple in Atlanta for many years, serving the best cakes, cookies, brownies and coffee in town and boasting lines out the door on nights and weekends. Two years later, Bennett and Sheryl opened a second location, and a third and fourth location soon after due to high demand throughout the city. But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end...while these two loved their years in business together and wouldn't have traded their experiences for anything, in 1996 they decided to close The Dessert Place in order to spend more time with their families and friends.

The Second Generation

...fast forward 20+ years


Marisa Meddin (Sheryl's daughter and Bennett's goddaughter) was with her mother in December 2015 when Sheryl told her about a funny message she had just received from a former Dessert Place customer. A woman living out of state had found Sheryl on Facebook, recalled how much she loved the Cream Cheese Brownies from her days in Atlanta, and asked if she could order a batch for the holidays. Sheryl, who was no longer selling baked goods, politely declined. "Someone should still be selling these," Marisa replied. 


Marisa Meddin rocking The Dessert Place T-Shirt in 1990

Marisa rocking a Dessert Place T-Shirt back in 1990




Sheryl Meddin, Marisa Meddin, Bennett Frisch making Cream Cheese Brownies at The Dessert Place

Sheryl, Marisa & Bennett baking together (2016) 


Knowing so many friends and family members who still asked so often for the famous Cream Cheese Brownies, Marisa decided to act on her own advice. After years of working in both New York City and Los Angeles, she quit her corporate marketing job, moved back to Atlanta and brought the family bakery back to life. Thanks to the wonderful guidance, mentorship and advice from Sheryl and Bennett (who, by the way, are still BFFs), Marisa is so excited to be back in the South sharing these Cream Cheese Brownies with both original customers and new fans once again.


Marisa Meddin, founder of The Dessert Place, making Cream Cheese Brownies

Marisa baking a batch of CCBs (2016) 
At this point in time, there is no brick and mortar store like the old days. However, the Cream Cheese Brownies are still proudly baked in Atlanta, GA and now shipped throughout the United States. And, who knows, more of your favorite desserts might be added to the menu in the future! What was your favorite item from the original menu?