Testimonials From Our Awesome Customers


"Holy moly the cream cheese brownie is amazeballs! I don't even love sweets! I have it hidden from my kids and myself and I keep pinching off bites like a little mouse!"   -Carrie


 "Our son loved the brownies and gave a ????  (And If he aces all of his exams, you can bet I'll be ordering them every semester!)" -Linda


"I used to wait a whole year to get these incredible cheese brownies for Christmas. I had to hide at least a few pieces from my husband and my children because they'd make the others disappear like magic. Now I'm happy that I'll be able to get them for my birthday, for my husband's birthday, and for anybody else's birthday for that matter."   -Mari


"I sent these brownies to my friend and colleague and chocolate devotee after she had her second baby. She was speechless - thought she knew good brownies, but admitted in all her travels she had never ever had anything so delicious and decadent! Great gift - thank you for bringing them back!!!"  -Nancy


"I ordered cream cheese brownies as a gift. They were delivered quickly and my daughter loved them. I was lucky enough to get the last bite of one when I arrived for a visit. Yum!!" - Sally 


"The cream cheese brownies are amazing! They are the perfect holiday or client gift!" -Marybeth 


"I just sent these brownies to my nephew for his birthday and he was thrilled to get them!!! Thank you for such a great product and making celebrating birthdays delicious and easy!!!" -Teresa


"We gave these as holiday gifts and heard they were unbelievably good and disappeared quickly. Ordering was easy and the shipments were prompt. Looks like a new gift tradition!" -Mary


"Thank you for making the most amazing cream cheese brownies. I sent them as a gift to friends who were hosting me and they were SO impressed. Some of the comments were 'I don't even usually eat chocolate but these are SO irresistible'.. and "I just love the packaging, they arrived so perfect in the cutest box'.. so thank you thank you so much for an incredibly perfect gift idea, with a home-grown difference :)" - Corynne


"The best brownies anybody in my family has ever had!!!" -Evan 


"Even better than my fondest memories of the originals! Arrived individually wrapped and beautifully packaged. Welcome back ~ Dessert Place 2.0" -John


"I bought 10 boxes of CCBs to hand out as holiday gifts to our friends in Charleston. Everyone loved them! The only complaint I received was that they are too good and there was fear about eating too many!" -Faith


"You will want more than you order." - Scott


"We got these for a good friend, client that cannot have gluten. They loved them, they arrived in a nice box. They were all wrapped individually and made a really beautiful gift. They arrived very quickly after placing the order, we could not have been more pleased." -Angie


"I was very surprised at how delicious these peanut butter brownies are! Perhaps it is the cream cheese - or some other secret ingredient or the love making them, but they are superb. An elegant dessert. Frozen is fantastic BUT a friend heated his and I have to admit that was ALSO fantastic. Worth it! Totally." -Sophia 


"Thank you so much for these delicious Cream Cheese Brownies. I haven't had such a good brownie since The Dessert Place closed decades ago."   -Justin


"Your gluten free Cream Cheese Brownies!!! OMG…these are OUTRAGEOUS!!!" -Teresa


"The cream cheese brownies are absolutely delicious! They will definitely make a good addition to the Christmas gifts I have planned. I can't wait to share them with family and friends. I can tell there is a lot of love put into making this dessert!" -Isaiah


 "Just as good as they were in the 1980's! Like eating a memory!" -Terri


"The absolute best ! No other brownie even comes close !!!" - Fred


 "A box of the heavenly CCBs was the ideal gift to celebrate an enormous success of one of my dearest friends. She was delighted to finally get a box of the brownies that she'd heard so much about - as was her husband (assuming she could bring herself to share)!" -Devon


"The perfect gift." -Kathryn


"These brownies are so ridiculously delicious! We ate the first half within 24 hours & froze the rest. I'd recommend these to everyone & can't wait to reheat the rest! :)" -Angela


"These cream cheese brownies taste just like I remember them from when The Dessert Place was open 20 years ago. Soooooo good!" - Alanna


"They were amazing!! My office said they were in 'brownie heaven'"-Ike


"These are unBELIEVABLE! Rush, I mean it, to place an order! And if you are of my generation and remember the DP v1.0 you will have delicious flashbacks!!" -John


"Absolutely divine brownie!!!!! I am looking forward to ordering more." - Douglas


"Luckily each brownie is individually wrapped. If they weren’t, we would have probably eaten all 12 at the time we opened the box. Growing up on these brownies, all I can say is that I am glad the Brownies are back in my life!!!!!" -Randall 


"The cream cheese brownies were A-MAZ-ING! A great gourmet treat. And I love the story of Marisa starting up the bakery again!"  -Justin


"These brownies are f****** delicious!" -Nick


"Really went above and beyond my expectations. Best gluten free brownies I've ever had. They were soft, chewy, rich, and NO WAY could you tell there was no gluten. Such a treat, excited to order again!" -Deirdre


"These brownies are over the top good! They came beautifully wrapped and marked. We had half gluten free and half regular and everyone loved them. Keep up the good baking!!!" -Teresa


"Delicious! Even better frozen :) Perfect to have on hand for a sweet treat after dinner, to give to dog-walkers, colleagues, anyone -- if you can not eat them all yourself. Definitely ordering more ASAP!" -Martta


"Best brownies ever!" -Court


"Every single person that tries these brownies is immediately addicted to them! They are great frozen, warm, with ice cream, really any way you can think of!" -Sarah


"They are excellent! Just as I remember fondly from so many years ago!" -Robert


 "Thanks for the killer brownies………..They are amazing!" -Tim


"My nieces thought the Gluten-free brownies were divine!! They can sometimes feel "left out" during the holidays because of their food allergies. But not this year! Thanks for a great product!" -Marla


"I only wish these were calorie free! Still the worlds BEST!" -Susan


"They are just how I remembered them. My sister-in-law, husband and I were all living in Atlanta in our twenties and going to Virginia highlands a lot - especially to The Dessert Place. We all moved away, but now my husband and I are back and we went to visit my sister in law for thanksgiving. I brought her a half dozen of the cream cheese brownies. She totally remembered and almost cried when she ate them. They are delicious. Thank you so much for bringing the goodness back!" -Holly


"Excellent, rich brownies! Ordered them for a special treat for visiting family and all were impressed. They are packaged very nicely too!" -Deborah


"So good! I keep mine frozen and have a bite here and there for that instant glucose refill after a long workout :)" -Joe


"What a treat it was to take some cream cheese brownies from "back in the day" to an annual Christmas Eve Brunch. Because there would be multiple desserts, I cut them into fourths. They were wonderful! An additional dozen made a great hostess gift to be tucked away in her freezer."  -Denise


The Dessert Place Cream Cheese Brownies